Season 2 Trailer | Behind the Wings

Calling all aviation lovers, space nerds, history buffs, and futurists – Behind the Wings® is back for Season 2! Published every other Monday.
Ready or not, strap in, because we have got 10 great episodes coming up for Season 2. It’s time to Go... Behind the Wings!

We’ve got a lot to explore – stories about how history shapes aviation today, trailblazers in space, and up-close looks at iconic aircraft of the past, present and future. There’s a lot of cool stories coming up in Season 2, so stick around.

You can find the Behind the Wings podcast wherever you listen. Episodes come out every two weeks – starting Monday Dec 5th with an awesome conversation about the fascinating history and unique mission today of the Civil Air Patrol. For past episodes and show notes visit:

We’ll see you next time on Behind the Wings.
Season 2 Trailer | Behind the Wings
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