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Episode 15 - Accessibility in Space Exploration

Mission: AstroAccess - a crew of disabled scientists, aerospace professionals and artists based in America - is planning their second mission to explore how different ...

Episode 14 - Design, Deploy, Discover: The James Webb Space Telescope

Explore the James Webb Space Telescope and the impact it will have on our understanding of the universe.

Episode 13 - Delivering Blood, Organs & Pizza with Drones

A drone company delivers blood and pizza, but not in the same package!

Episode 12 - How Eileen Collins Blazed a Trail in Space

Strap in folks, we are going to Space with Eileen Collins, who blazed her own trail, defying the grip of Earth’s gravity, and breaking a glass ceiling into the cosmos.

Episode 11 - The History and Mission of The Civil Air Patrol

Trace The Civil Air Patrol's incredible history and learn about their mission today.

Season 2 Trailer | Behind the Wings

Calling all aviation lovers, space nerds, history buffs, and futurists – Behind the Wings® is back for Season 2! Published every other Monday.

Episode 10 - NASA is going back to the moon!

The Orion spacecraft is set to launch with Artemis I this fall!

Episode 9 - A 'Professor' of Spacewalking!

There's nothing simple about going for a walk 250 miles above the earth!

Episode 8 - The Radical Life of Legendary Aviatrix Amelia Earhart

We are all familiar with the name Amelia Earhart, but do we really know what she was like or what she believed in?

Episode 7 - Hap Arnold “The Father of the Air Force”

Hap Arnold, the Father of the Air Force, urged an independent air arm which he lived to see authorized in 1947.

Episode 6 - Family Insights on Aviation Pioneer Jimmy Doolittle

James H. Doolittle's granddaughter share's an inside look at a remarkable career in aviation.

Episode 5 - An Astronaut's Vision for the Future of Space Exploration

Steve Lindsey connects his experience as a NASA Astronaut, and his vision for the future of space exploration.

Episode 4 - Drones: From E-Sports to Industry

Explore new E-Sports like drone soccer, the role of drones in combat, artificial intelligence, and drone law.

Episode 3 - Sharon McDougle on Being a Modern Day Hidden Figure

Sharon Caples McDougle shares her journey from SR-71 suit tech to NASA crew chief.

Episode 2 - Mike Rabens on the F-14 Tomcat

Mike Rabens shares on the history, design features, and legacy of the iconic F-14 Tomcat.

Episode 1 – Keith Seiwell on Carl Spaatz's Life and Legacy

Wings sat down with CEO of the General Carl Spaatz National USAAF Museum, Keith Seiwell, to learn more about Spaatz's life and legacy.

Trailer | Behind the Wings

Calling all aviation lovers, space nerds, history buffs, and futurists – Behind the Wings® is now also a podcast! Published every other Monday.

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